The philosophy that serves as the fabric of this global Artistic movement stems from the fervent and magical understanding that YOU are the IT that you are seeking! Yes, YOU are the most precious GIFT that this planet has to offer. And it is in the allowing and surrendering to your authentic voice, which springs from deep within your core of existence, that your SOUL yearns to SHINE, CREATE and SERVE. YOU are the limitless and boundless creative energy that supersedes all material matter including your physical form. There is nothing or no one greater and cooler than YOU!

ART is a medium by which we all can share the authentic truths that the universe whispers to us individually. The CREATOR created YOU to CREATE, LOVE and EVOLVE. While YOU will never create anything as miraculous as YOU, YOU will leave remnants of cosmic light from manifestation to manifestation, leaving clues to inspire other light beings to discover and honor the authentic beauty, truth and goodness that lies within them.

Everything is ART and YOU are EVERYTHING. And this world is your canvas, so BE the COLOR that YOU desire to paint across the planet and with every breath you take allow it to be the paint brush of the artistic life force that we all have access to that keeps on giving. For it is not in your doing, but in YOU BEING, that truly sets YOU and others FREE!

YOU are the MASTERPIECE, so just BE, just CONNECT, just CREATE, just LOVE.