Kanye West’s Steve McQueen-directed video for “All Day” made its US premiere on Saturday, July 25th at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

The short film, entitled “All Day/I Feel Like That,”  was available for viewing for four days and though photography nor video were allowed, the film was nothing short of spectacular.

Kanye first screened the video during Paris Fashion Week at the Foundation Louis Vuitton in March. The extended clip shows West running through an empty warehouse while rapping along to “All Day” and  “I Feel Like That,” an unreleased track off  of his upcoming album Swish.

The West/McQueen collaboration  is a nine-minute short film that was done in a single take at a historic dockyard on the outskirts of London. The piece shows West weaving around a stark white warehouse as McQueen’s handheld camera follows him—in and out, round and round, back and forth.

“It’s about the gaze, and wanting to be in the gaze, and following that gaze,” McQueen explained of the concept, which positions the camera as the unrelenting public during All Day. During I Feel Like That, West, exhausted, gives in to the chase, letting the camera shoot uncomfortably close before it finally recedes into the distance says Vanity Fair.

West and McQueen have been friends for years, but this marks their first collaboration. In 2013, the rapper presented the 12 Years a Slave director with the Breakout Director award during the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards.

“[He’s] an artist I’m proud to call my friend and someone I have great respect for,” said West. “I’ve always admired Steve’s work.”

Though the installation at LACMA is gone, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for his next showing in The States. By some standards, this film is a Masterpiece. You’ll have to catch it and judge for yourself.

– HOC Staff Writer