Everyone knows that the Japanese can do the heck out of some nails. I personally have gotten my nails done by one of the most beautiful and authentic Japanese nail Artists by the name of Yoko, “The Original Nail Gangsta.” Not only is she my friend, but I also consider her a sister. Yoko is the one who inspired and invited me to put the heART of Cool STAMP on Tokyo and she has surely shown me a fun time since I’ve been out here.

FIRST STOP was BEAUTY WORLD JAPAN, where 600 exhibitors and 68,000 visitors gather in quest of new and exciting products, techniques as well as trends in the beauty industry (nail, hair and beauty). Talk about nails on steroids too . I witnessed so many creative evolutions when it came to nail designs and application styles that it would make your head spin.

I must admit that although I love gel nails (which are healthier than acrylics), I still love my free time more. Getting my gel nails with the crazy out-the-box designs take at least 2.5 hours/ sometimes 3, which is why when I was introduced to the brand Kediyisi and their Dip Powder method at Beauty World Japan, I just had to tell Yoko all about it.

Located in the city of Luoyang, Kediyisi develops high-quality nail products that are environmentally friendly. Their Dip Powder product is what immediately caught my eye. With over 20+ unique colors to select from, they have designed a process where you can dip your nail and paint them into a nail color in minutes. With no primer and no UV lamp needed, the application and soak off process is pretty painless. The lightweight substance is much thinner to wear and creates a more natural allure. And it makes your nails stronger and shinier as opposed to yellow and brittle. Water resistant, odorless and a 3 week last time – the perks to this product sound too good to be true. However, I do believe in miracles.

Somewhere between a manicure and a fake nail they say, it is important to note that the DIP POWDER process is not new. However, it is recently growing in popularity due to social media. And after a little research, SNS and REVEL are the most popular manufacturers of the product.

They ended up giving Yoko a free sample so we will have to follow up with her to see what her professional opinion of the product is. Once we do this, we will know whether or not we are going to give it the official heART of Cool STAMP.

In the mean time, make sure you check out the product and company and let us know what your thoughts are.

💜Love & Light☀️,