Ok. So, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And as much as I am looking forward to catching up with family over oversized plates of scrumptious finger-licking good recipes that my mother most likely plans to take with her to her grave; in the back of mind, I am also dreading the holiday pounds that seem to effortlessly creep up on me consequently.


And it makes me wonder…. How can we enjoy what our tastebuds crave, without subjecting our bodies to GMO, high fat and cholestoral foods? How can we eat to live and learn how to consume that which serves and honors us?


Perhaps @airmaxjunkie (a.k.a. GREY, The Vegan Rapper) along with the 2.5 million people that represent vegans across the globe, know?

Check out the musical video that this vibrant vegan King made, describing the traditional dishes that are going to be a part of his Thanksgiving holiday. And ask yourself, are you ready to live a healthier life that brings about an alignment and mastery of self that is out of this world. I know I am.


And remember, you do not have to sell out to obtain a healthier way of operating and existing on the planet. If anything, all you have to do is BELIEVE & KNOW & put ACTION & CONVICTION behind it. So, be open and keep reaching for the best ways to understand that HEALTH Is WEALTH. And keep being creative and proactive and you may just be an overnight hit and celebrated across the world like @airmaxjunkie overnight. FADER, WORLDSTAR, RAP RADAR, BALLER ALERT, THE SHADE ROOM, PETA and  WHOLE FOODS picked up the video and reposted it along with countless other people across the world. We might as well start supporting the chefs and influencers that actually make the proper sacrifices to make sure that their ingredients are A1 when it comes to quality!

And if you are really motivated by the vegan lifestyle as a means to obtaining optimal health, check out 57 benefits of adopting a vegan diet. If you decide to experiment with any vegan dishes over the holiday season, please do share your experience with us!

💜Love & Light🌞,