Art comes in all facets of life and food art is a genre that I am truly captivated by, especially when it is combined with health and wellness. Meet food stylist and content creator, Adeline Waugh, who shares her art form via her IG page @pureandvibrant by posting breathtaking photos of the colorful portrayal of what she consumes for energy.

After battling with acne and discovering that there was a direct correlation to her outbreaks and the overall way that she felt with the food she was deciding to eat, she made a commitment to consume the foods that served the remedy of her skin condition. And the byproduct of this pursuit are all of the vibrant and life-enriching recipes and food discoveries that we now get to see and learn from. I am talking about food never looked so good and alluring.

Check out her blog and her IG page to learn more about this rainbow bright food stylist and content creator. She gets the heART of Cool STAMP for sure!

💜Love & Light☀️,