Kenya Vyguzov, a twenty-one year old mixed media and street artist from Krasnoyarsk, Russia has truly captivated me with his brilliance and the potency of his creative human expression through the medium of collage art. A year ago after cutting a girl out of a magazine and retouching it with different mediums, Vyguzov, surprised himself with the discovery of his love of “amorphous and chaotic forms that functioned harmoniously as a whole.” Poetic and truly a reflection of the macro-reality within life as we know it; Vyguzov’s fascination with life and the perfect imperfection that exists as a consequence of it, is the heart beat of his artistic expression and inspires humanity to move towards self-acceptance which leads to self-empowerment in the midst of chaos.

Vyguzov’s manifestation of artistic self-actualization by reacting to the world as he sees it, brings life and perspective to the magical visual statements he creates. There is a spiritual tone and an undeniable power to his work. He uses photography, fashion and nature as the source of his inspiration and taps into a synchronicity and flow of allowing and intuition that is deeply highlighted within his work. The abstract visuals and vibrant colors used to convey the imperfections we discover as an integral and beautiful part of our life existence, speak to the part of us that goes beyond the reach of the vision our eyes hold: it speaks to our soul.

So, please join me in saluting a young humble King and artist that is truly inspiring others by being tapped into a reservoir of enlightenment, power and universal principles realized as he creates digital collage pieces that spark our imagination and help us stay connected to love and beauty in the midst of chaos.

💜Love & Light☀️,