Spiritual. Deeply rooted in purpose and high vibrational frquencies. A King. And part of the heART of Cool family 4 SHO. BOURN RICH is our Coachella Chillen heART of Cool Art Tuesday’s Artist this week and we are honored to salute him. A complete pleasure to know, Rich has mastered the ability to create poignant and captivating art pieces that not only capture your aesthetic senses, but also has you day dreaming about how many different wardrobe items one could create from the visual. And rightly so, because this mastermind artist has found the intersection of fashion and art in a brilliantly simple way and he has the look book on Instagram (@bournrich) to prove it.


Rich experienced Coachella weekend with Tash and I to kick it with Guns N’ Rose’s and Interview Magazine. And man did he spark up the scene by mesmerizing the party goers with a live painting demonstration for two entire days. Not only was he gracious enough to share his craft with us in real time, but he also tagged a Love Fashion Art jacket, which people were literally attempting to buy before he could even finish the masterpiece.  It was freaking AWESOME and such a RICH experience.


And now for the cherry on top of our Art & Fashion Coachella Sunday; since Rich has a way with showcasing his Art on clothes, Tash and I thought we should seize the moment by creating in the moment for future moments and collaborated with Rich for the first time, making our very own heART of Cool / Bourne Rich Coachella T-shirt. The image we selected was a piece he already created and that both parties felt inspired that Coachella energy we all fell in love with this past weekend. Check out the final product and let us know what you all think.

bourn-rich3 bourn-rich5

💜Love & Light🌞,