This HoC Art Tuesdays’ Artist is no stranger to the heART of cool family. Chicago bread and committed to staying true to the social narratives the inner city youth in the Chi are undergoing with a touch of Japanese anime and pop culture of course; Hebru Brantley has collaborated with his hometown’s favourite popcorn company, GARRETT POPCORN.

Yes, that is correct. The popcorn dynasty that has been popping delicious and decadent popcorn for over 65 years and has proven to be a national sensation is dabbing in the Art and philanthropic world simultaneously.

The collaboration consists of 12 designed 1 quart tins or 1 gallon tins serving as the canvas for Brantley’s animated mixed-media figures that instill a sense of optimism and superhero power in the viewer. This first time collaboration most definitely gets the heART of cool STAMP; not just for the Art alone, but rather for the intersection between Art, Life and Creative Branding. 15% of the sales made from the partnership will be donated to the Chicago Children’s Choir, a non-profit Arts organisation that is committed to investing into Chicago’s inner city talented youth despite their city’s violent reputation.

With Christmas just passing and with the beginning of 2016 just starting, perhaps we can take a few pointers from Brantley and Garret Popcorn.

  1. When developing business strategies, you can include a social entrepreneurial element to it where you are committed to paying it forward.
  1. Brands that seek to be more innovative can expand their reach and cool by partnering with a plethora of Artists to elevate their visual brand presentation.
  1. When brands are selecting Artists that are aligned with their mission, perhaps look for the Artists in your own backyard. They may have more of a vested interest in the collaboration because they come from the same community you began to serve first.

Just a few thoughts. The collaboration is for a limited time only. I was able to snag both the 1 quart tin and the 1 galllon tin in Chicago Ohare Airport on NYE, so there is still time to support something bigger than yourself, while you munch on the best popcorn in the world.

💜Love & Light🌞,