You know why life is Art? Well, because life along with everything in it is a canvas that you have the opportunity to decorate the way you want. This week the visual Artist that I am enamored with and inspired by is a microcosm of this reality.

From California and beautifully bold and vibrant, Tyler Spangler is a graphic designer with a true authentic and one of a kind spirit. With a BA in Psychology from California State University Long Beach and an Art College Center Of Design dropout due to the cost and creative limitations, yet with countless exhibitions under his belt and notorious clients such as Chanel, I am genuinely captivated and floored by this unique being.

He seems like an Artist that is creating on his own terms and that clearly grasps the reality that the world is a canvas. Drawing inspiration from the peaceful and chaotic energy of a surfing 🏄 and listening to drone and doom such as Electric Wizard, Spangler pulls creative energy from where he lives, what he listens to and his daily experiences.

Not only does he provide prints, but he also offers yoga pants, tank tops and t-shirts and they are pretty groovy. I know I will be purchasing a pair if not two. FOR THE RECORD: My top selects are Model Of The Promise Land, Lava Lands and Cluster Fuzz and I know I said three, but I just have to throw in Cellular Staircase.

I encourage you to check out Spangler’s website and support the movement. He is obviously a hustler who understands the importance of freedom that comes with entrepreneurialism as he works on his own vision as opposed to building some one else’s. Consequently, he is working his gift and growing to new heights such as his first Art installation at a retail store in San Francisco called Pia. So, yes, Spangler gets the heART of Cool STAMP!

💜Love & Light☀️,