Ian Davenport’s captures the essence of living your life in color and not being afraid to allow the diverse hues of life to blend into one another from time to time. He calls it COLOURFALL, where you see colors literally fall into each other or alongside each other, creating an incredible work of Art. And it is absolutely a marvel to witness.

A reflection of the abstract life we experience, Davenport’s creations are “made by pouring and dripping household paint onto prepared canvases, boards and aluminium panels, tilted so that gravity and the consistency of the paint determine the final composition. This approach both systematic and random, predetermining both materials and process, results in paintings whose effect is based on physical immediacy rather than any theoretical background.

Born in Kent in 1966 and graduating from the Goldsmith College of Art in 1988, Davenport is a member of the generation of young British Artists whose work is held across the world including: the Arts Council of Great Britain; British Council; Tate, London; Nuffield College, Oxford University; Museum of Modern Art, La Spezia, Italy; Weltkunst Collection, Zurich; Borusan Art Gallery, Istanbul and Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas. And an Artist who is constantly evolving, for the past 10 years this creative visionary has started to focus on silkscreen printing and more recently etching, building up an impressive body of graphic work.

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