Jackson Hall from Clemente, CA is a visual artist and photographer that at this point is a bit of an enigma as I cannot seem to find out any more about the Artist than what he has written in his Instagram bio. He writes, “San Clemente is home. Love photography and the places it takes me. Follow me and my dreams. Prints available …” Pretty straightforward and to the point and of course there is nothing wrong with that.

Well, I do not have to know a lot about Hall to know that he is special. Perhaps the enigmatic feeling is what gives him even more allure.

Hall’s pieces of Art are whimsical and breathtaking. Everything seems to capture the nocturnal beauty that lies beneath the sunset, moon 🌙 and the stars✨. Some of the photos are even giving a magical Peter Pan ambiance. I am a dreamer for sure and can appreciate another man’s dreams, especially when he makes them a reality for himself and others to witness. It is evident that Hall is producing Art for us all to revel in and he is collaborating with other photographers such as @Alexander.Mortin and @Korvostills.

Mr. Jackson Hall, although I do not know much about you, I know enough. I am truly a fan of your work. Keep stretching beyond the stars and keep dreaming as you create these otherworldly images – they are truly gems that speak to the soul. Oh yes, and congratulations. You have just been heART of Cool STAMPED.

💜Love & Light☀️,