Playboy is one of the biggest names in show business – a brand that has been a part of the man’s life ever since 1953 when Hugh Hefner started his own magazine in Chicago. And since that day, the brand has been blossoming and attracting more and more readers globally and there have been many Playboy franchises around the world.

💜Playboy Over The Years: The Birth Of 

     Franchises And Legendary Covers:

Over the years, the magazine has published an array of covers. While most of them were more model and celebrity driven, there were also covers Who undoubtedly made an impact with their artistic nature.

One of them was the legendary Playboy cover made by Andy Warhol in 1986, the limited edition piece featuring the logo of the brand. The art was based on paint, applied through the silkscreen process which combined orange, pink, blue, yellow and black layers of colors applied one at a time.

So far, Warhol’s work was the first and only Playboy cover that was of artistic nature. Three decades later, the entire approach is getting a facelift. And now painter, Gilda Garza, is the artist behind the paint brushes.

️Gilda Garza’s Masterpiece On Playboy 

      Mexico’s February 2018 Cover:

Playboy Mexico has been a franchise and their popularity grew just like the brand itself. And the rising popularity made the editors test and try many new approaches which have always been to the likes of the subscribers.

This February (2018), Playboy Mexico features a paint-based cover by the artist Garza. Inspired by Warhol’s approach, Garza  creates a more modern rendition. While there is no doubt that the February edition of the magazine will sell like hotcakes, the artistic nature of this cover is what amazes many readers and builds even more authority for the brand itself.

🧡The First Female Painter Whose Work Is   

      Featured On A Playboy Cover:

As we mentioned, Garza has already left her mark in several cities such as Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She has definitely been an artist to watch, especially during these past couple of years with her making a huge impact on the art scene.

Some of Gilda’s recent notable works include partnering with famous athletes and sports teams such as the boxer Canelo, a couple of football teams and the most recent, the Phoenix Suns Sculpture for their ‘Shoe for Sole’ exhibition.

All of these projects have contributed to Gilda’s success and inspired her to thrive with her strong, sensual and elegant approach to contemporary art. Her fame in the US as well as in her homeland was the primary reason she was chosen for this historical Playboy cover.

💙Bold, Vibrant And Ever-Lasting: Garza’s 

      Work Becoming A Legacy In The Art  


There is no doubt that Gilda will continue to inspire and work even harder to get the recognition she deserves. So far, her awe-inspiring contemporary work made a lot of headlines – all thanks to the inspiration that she took from her grandmother, who was also a renowned painter.

This Playboy Mexico cover will be remembered as a bold, heart-capturing and legendary piece of work that will be a topic of discussion just like Warhol’s legendary work in 1986. Gild Garza, you get the heART Of Cool STAMP 👑queen👑.

💜Love & Light☀,