This week our featured Artist is not only an out of the box graphic designer who sees no limitations with his colorful and glitter accented ideas of creation, but he also strikes me as a real humanist. Someone who refuses to lose himself in the politics of business as he is simply here to create and inspire and spread all the love from every color of the rainbow 🌈.

An “unapologetic optimist” and someone who is not afraid to tell you what he believes in, upon discovering Masri, I immediately adored the rare and beautiful energy he gives graciously. His Art is a cosmic rainbow land of unicorns, pianos, breathtaking views of architecture and landscapes. You can tell that he effortlessly radiates his ideas of the world in a vibrantly bold and colorful fashion, incorporating all of the colors of the rainbow.

Masri is an authentic energy with an appreciation for other authentic beings and he “values authentic experiences on this planet that helps people have richer and fuller lives.” I was deeply pleasured to learn about him and take in his deep and profound beauty. Seeing his work, is a real treat and I look forward to meeting him in person. Make sure to check m out his work!

💜Love & Light☀️,