If you are called to be an artist AND you decide to pursue a career in it also, the road to success my be a little bumpy when finding the balance of just being a creative and needing to pay rent. Consequently, here at heART of Cool (HoC), we reach out and connect with authentic artists and creative visionaries across the globe to draw a source of inspiration and encouragement from their beliefs, perspective, experiences and life journey.


Well, this week, we caught up with the spiritual Art King, Mr. Bourn Rich, who is no stranger to the HoC family. Rich swept us off our feet with his ability to transfer his visual art pieces into cool fashion pieces. And we were so enamored with this charming and gifted artist, that we invited him to Coachella with Interview Magazine so that we could share the gift we found with others with a live painting installation. We also executed our first collaboration together with the heART Of Cool Coachella series White Tee, available in our HoC store.


Check out what Rich had to say when we caught up with him and conversed about Art, Fashion, Life and of course Coachella.

HoC: Who are you?

Bourn Rich: I am a visual artist, creator and world traveler.

HoC: What do you believe in?

Bourn Rich: I believe in the power of art and love.

HoC: What is Art to you?

Bourn Rich: Art is life.

HoC: When did you start making art?

Bourn Rich:  As a kid.

HoC: And what made you want to make a profession out of it?

Bourn Rich: God given talent can’t be stuffed into a cubicle… So I had to do it.

HoC: What process do you go through to produce your art pieces?

Bourn Rich: It’s all organic and kind of hard to explain.

HoC: How does art play a role in your life as a human being?

Bourn Ric: It plays a huge role in my day to day life. It’s my air or water.

HoC: What do you think about the growing intersection of art and fashion?

Bourn Rich: I’ve always been a fashion savy guy. I believe fashion and art are truly cousins :-).

HoC: What artists have influenced you and what artists are still influencing you now?

Bourn Rich: Tons, mostly Basquiat and Dali.

HoC: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Bourn Rich: Going to Israel to paint murals was amazing…! Being on national Television would be 2nd.

HoC: What are you looking forward to in the future?

Bourn Rich: Plenty of art travels and love…

HoC: Is there anything we should be on the look out for?

Bourn Rich: Be on the look out for anything I do next (#BournRichTheArtist)

HoC: What advice can you lend to other aspiring artists?

Bourn Rich: Never give up. I know it’s cliché; but honestly, never stop going.

HoC: How was your Coachella experience?

Bourn Rich: Amazing!!! I love the heART of Cool team. I’ll definitely work with them in the future.

HoC: Tell us the back story to the art that we selected to use for our Coachella Boy?

Bourn Rich: My Native American series is popular. It’s perfect for Coachella being that Coachella is in the desert.

HoC: What is the heART of Cool to you?

Bourn Rich: A Dynamic team of creators and much love and respect.

💜Love & Light🌞,