As society evolves so does the music we consume. In the age of near infinite accessibility, more and more spectacle is needed to retain audiences and feed the beast. Long gone are the days of bandstands, a lone mic in the middle of the stage and a single velvety voiced man with slicked back hair captivating the crowds. But minus the retro hairstyle, one artist is cutting through the static, taking the best old school elements and remixing them into straight fire. Modern day crooner Shaliek takes us back to the R&B basics like his influences, Stevie Wonder & Donny Hathaway. His latest single, “All This Love” is a stripped down track showcasing the singer’s raw vocal power. The smooth sultry melody feels retro in the best way. Listen to it with your eyes closed and you could be at a house party down the block. I’m talkin’ not being able to find your crush for the slow dance because every dude in the room is sporting the Philly fade, R&B realness.

If you’re wondering why a newcomer has such a polished, put together sound, it’s because Shaliek came up in industry. “All This Love” highlights Shaliek’ undeniably rich music background. The resume includes his first single, “Get 2 Know Ya” featuring Juvenile when he was first signed to Universal in 2005 as well as his countless hours in the studio collaborating with Alicia Keys & Rockwilder, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and we cannot forget his writing days for Day 26 and Jordan Knight too. While there is no success without concessions, Shaliek has very much stayed true to the art of creating music.

Check out the soul baring record and join me in congratulating not just a talented singer, but also a dear friend of mine since middle school.

Shaliek I salute you for staying committed to your dreams despite the ups and downs of the music business. You are simply unstoppable!

❤️Love & Light☀️,