Andra Day‘s soulful and earthquaking voice, blesses us this week for HoC Music Monday’s as we prep for the BET Experience Weekend and Awards (June 24th – June 27th); and, as we do our best to ‘RISE UP’ from the brutal and senseless killings in Orlando, FL (49 dead and 53 injured).

LIFE, clearly serves us on a platter some grave and painful moments, but HOPE, JOY, LOVE and FAITH have always proven to be a remedy and a force to be reckoned with.


The bold and phenomenal songstress, Miss Day, has truly not only captured my heart and spirit, but apparently thousands of other people as well; including the President of The United States. Yes, that is correct. Day performed “I Rise Up” at the White House during a Ray Charles Tribute on PBS. It was here that she found out that the POTUS and the First Lady were stone cold fans.

Whether at the Grammy’s, the White House, the Oscars or of course BET; as Day is actually nominated for both the Centric Award as well as Best New Artist awards this year;  one thing that is for sure, Miss Day continues to rise up. And as she rises and shares her light, so do we.


Raw emotion, unbelievable range and a jazzy beautiful voice for a global culture. Her voice has a natural cool design. And it is dynamically beautiful to see an authentic black woman and songstress be recognized and honored for her brilliant mind and gifts; that when combined together, create an explosive emotional coherence and awakening from a human standpoint.

So please allow us to share a song, “Rise Up” from the album, Cheers To The Fall. And allow us to present to you the woman, Cassandra Monique Batie; the songstress, Andra Day; and the Artist, who is truly aligned with our hearts, as she joins director, M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense), to visually show us all how LOVE CONQUERS ALL challenges.

💜Love & Light🌞,