To achieve real, long term success in this world, it takes a whole lot of heart, work and wisdom. The aforementioned is achieved through sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice. Meaning, in order to get, you have to give up. In order to bring new energy in, you have to let old energy out. You have to make room and provide space for the new building that you are calling forth into fruition.

Big Sean with the recent success of his latest album release, I DECIDED, understands exactly what I am talking about.

Featuring Migos and produced by Metro Boomin and Allen Ritter, “Sacrifices” is a track championing what it means to climb up the ladder of life in the pursuit of greatness and to make all of the sacrifices that go along with it.

And since, I am still on the journey of Health Is Wealth and forever will be, I understand the challenges of the success in anything. It takes commitment, discipline, consistency, resilience, endurance, tenacity, wisdom, sacrifice and one of the most important commodities you have in this life: TIME.

Q1 is not over yet so if you are working on a new startup, creative project or tax bracket, get your mind right and listen to Big Sean’s, “Sacrifices”. Respect the young Don for staying true to himself on the growth to success and being the griot he is by dropping the gems over the world and allowing people to learn from his journey; for he is teaching principles that far outweigh music all together.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills