People tend to ask me, “Cristen, what do you think of Cardi B.” And I say, as I chuckle from my core, “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER.”

Now, I did not say I love every song or that I agree with every inch of her perspective, but I love 💕 her 💕- the woman, the spirit. You know why? Well, please do let me pray tell. In a world, where there is so much manufacturing and faking it until you make it, Cardi B is one of the rarest and most authentic expressions of Spirit that I have seen in entertainment in quite some time.

Proud of her history and where she comes from, she serves as such a dynamic example to children, men and women across the globe that no matter what you do or GROW through in this life, EVERYTHING is working towards your good and no matter what judgement the world places on you – GUESS WHAT – no one has a heaven or hell to put you in, so keep doing you in the most pure and authentic way you can.

Yes, Cardi B was a stripper, and I am sure she has a list of other infamous titles, but who cares? We all have a history. And had we been born into the temporary, yet very REAL, circumstances that she was born into, who knows what we would have done. And this is not to speak down upon her upbringing and background because all of it was destined for her greatness and the Glory of the Most High. And, when you look at the product, it’s beautiful – simply beautiful👌.

Cardi B is a young vibrant spirit with a double dose of masculine and feminine energy, who is resilient, true to herself and will outwork most. She has taught us that having faith, living your truth, giving your best and believing in yourself are key ingredients for success. And, I absolutely love her for it.

I find Cardi B’s spirit infectious and pure and she represents a marginalized, misrepresented and misunderstood voice that we all can learn from. She teaches us that whether or not you are a victim or victor in any situation – it’s really all up to you. And that no matter what the naysayers say, no one can dim your light and diminish the L🌴FE that God has for you, but you.

As a woman, a black woman, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to bear a witness to Cardi B’s journey as the Creator continues to mold and develop her. And, I treasure the fact that as she continues to rise right before our eyes, the authentic core of who she is refrains from changing🙌.

Dropping her debut album last Friday featuring Artists such as Migos, Kehlani, SZA and more, Check out Cardi B – A REAL ONE ☝.

💜Love & Light☀,