Since I have been in Europe for about a month, I have come across some amazing artists in the most organic ways. The world is big and the International talent that I otherwise most likely would not have grown to know and love have literally made my experience profound and super fun while venturing across the pond. So this heART of cool Mondays is all about highlighting a special, dope and talented producer by the name of Melbeatz, which I met in Berlin, Germany and who so kindly let me and Ramos sleep on her plush sofa ?.

Known for launching one of the biggest German rappers of all time, Kool Savas, with lacing him with the illest beats and even giving Kanye a track or two to rhyme on; Mel is that around the way girl with a few cherries on top and she is definitely a ride or die one that don’t take no BS and who refuses to let any obstacle stand in her way. A resillient human being, graffiti artist and b-girl on top of making beats, Mel is a bonafide boss, musical veteran and beautiful tom boy within the international hip hop scene, who has more Jordans and nikes than anyone female I know. The first artist signed on Optik Records and a student of music since her teenage years, Mel has earned the title that Berlin crowned her with: THE QUEEN OF BEATZ.

And the latest beats that she has been working on are insane and cannot be limited to one genre, which reflects her growth as a evolutionary artist, but unfortunately we are not ready to release those gems quite yet. However, trust me when I tell you; when they are released, heART of cool will be the first to know.

But for now, take a peak at some of Melbeatz’ music and spend some time getting to know this trailblazer. And remember, we support real ones all across the world over hear at the heART of cool family. We support those artists that stand in their truth whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring; and who do it for the love and the culture and who have the courage to be fearleass so they can spread their wings and soar, growing in unimaginable ways.

Yo Mel, you get the heART of cool STAMP sweetheart!

Keep climbing and doing your thing. The culture needs you!

💜Love & Light🌞,