Introducing a new wave in music for this HoC Music Mondays, please allow me to expose you to a young and swaggalicious duo called WAV3POP. DIY revolutionaries in their own right, Lanta (Born in GA, Texas raised) and Grey (Born in Houston, TX) are as innovative and self-sustaining as they come when it comes to creating their own music from start to finish. Two Writers, engineers, producers and artistic manifestors, these young giants are committed to the integrity of their sound, the legacy of their millennial reach and the undeniable chemistry of their partnership, which is rooted in brotherhood.

The two young kings met in a Hollywood gym and the rest as they say is history. Striking an instant galactic connection, unshakeable bond and musical partnership with a hellacious work ethic, 150 songs have already been birthed in less than one year by the young bright stars. Their most recent single, “Act”, is inspired by the all too common predicament of so called friends being fake and phony when given the opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty and ability to have your back through thick and thin. A reality that we all know too well, especially if you have had any experience in navigating the lifestyle and politics that the Hollywood scene brings.

WAV3POP is a breath of fresh air and a beacon of light and is here to swerve on everybody just by shining bright and honing in on their authentic and magnetic pull. With relatable content and a cool melodic hook and beat, “Act”, is an appropriate introduction to the WAV3POP movement. But trust me when I tell you that this is not the last time you will here about these two prodigy kids. With Grey writing his first record at the age of 6 and having a top 40 Billboard hit already with Kid Ink under his belt at the age of 19, rest assure that we all will witness countless more ambitions that he plans to righteously bring into fruition. Currently in school and focused on expanding his creative vision to include TV, film and fashion to create liquid cash to invest into real-estate, Grey has a plan that supersedes music all together. And his partner, Lanta, coming from a family of musical geniuses who have produced for Diddy, T-Pain & Akon just to name a few, also has colossal ambitions to self-actualize and build an independent record label that explodes other great musicians’ careers outside of his own and teaches them the importance of maintaining their individual sovereignty and owning their musical gifts.

So, check out “Act” and join me in saluting not only superstars and pioneers in their own right, but also heART of Cool family members, Grey & Lanta from WAV3POP.

And if you are intrigued and want to vibe out more, check out their SoundCloud.

💜Love & Light☀️,