After listening to MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FEAT. JAMILA WOODS’, WHITE PRIVILEGE II at least 11 times, my initial response is simple, O my word! Someone ring the alarm! A young Artist of Caucasian persuasion has had the courage to speak up about that which he has benefited from socially and financially: “White Privilege”.


Topics such as, “white privilege“, white supremacy, and the exploitation of black culture have been discussed repeatedly within the African Diaspora, but we must admit that it is rather surprising to witness Seattle based duo, Macklemore and Lewis, exploring various levels of racial social injustice against blacks in an original and vulnerable way not once, but twice as the record, “White Privilege II” is a sequel to “White Privilege I”.  The 8 minute and 43 second-long proclamation touched on everything from Black Lives Matter to the manufactured Iggy Azalea.


Overall, the record inspires everyone to be first and foremost aware that; yes, historical and institutional systems of racism against black people are still prevalent in 2016. And it is not just an issue for African Americans, it is an issue for everyone because an act of social injustice against one, represents a crime committed against humanity as a whole.

We must continue to have these challenging and uncomfortable conversations about race relations in America if we want to eradicate the programmed mindset where racism and discrimination are birthed and duplicated.


There is no doubt in my mind that there is a miraculous revelation still yet to be birthed in this world, which is rooted in the general principles of humanity, connected consciousnesses and the imperative need for the existence of genuine, authentic beings that are more concerned about eradicating social injustice than being politically correct, socially accepted and filthy rich.

Mr. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Miss Jamila Woods have championed a beautifully and disruptive call to help us recognize that we as a human race are not free as long as injustice is tolerated at any level. The fact that the medium of this message is white and mainstream and some argue therefore is applauded, actually validates white privilege in and of itself. IRONY, indeed!

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cris & Tash