When a red shoe comes to town, it is typically the topic of discussion! These Christian Louboutin white bottoms are fierce. Just released this season and is a for sure must have! I do not personally own a pair of red bottoms, but I do see how you would want too. The boldness of the product speaks for itself. The stretch and leather combination has teamed up a few different ways this season and I am sure we will see more.


Next we have the PRADA loafer flat and I must say this is the most exciting piece I have seen in a while. The mesh material is the new thing of comfort. In addition the color option is so subtle it makes it easy to believe even for the most manly man! Prada is typically known for the less edgier side of things in the shoe department but really stepped out and stepped it up a notch. This will be one of many pieces that we see like this. I am sure because once you start, you can’t go back! It’s almost like a good girl once she’s gone bad: she is gone forever.


And of course you save the best for last! The FERRAGAMO tall boot is a for sure smash. The old school black and white combination are as classic as can be. And of course the stretch front is like the accent of all accents. I really do think my trend forecast is dead on. This combination of leathers and cool cuts with this stretch accent will be the new thing. It adds texture and flavor to any piece. Things like this will set the innovation and off set the trend, but time will for sure prove it.


-Tasha Bouè