Whether you’re a fashion lover or a sneaker head, Heart of Cool friend, Melody Ehsani (ME) does it again. Fashion is art. Yep, there’s no doubt about it after ME releases her Classic Leather REEBOK. The ME brand most definitely adds a unique fun-filled perspective to the world of street couture. These limited run REEBOKs could single handedly run the summer. “Inspired by girls with cool hair, pink LA skies and everything that moves from abstract to concrete,” the python lays the foundation for the sexy print that is sure to romance fashion into a summer love affair, mermaid punk inspired.

The release of this hot print is right on time for the backyard parties, music festivals, and the “around the way” “just kickin’ it” escapades that the summer is always sure to bring. Whether you’re into the peekaboo pink highlights or teal hair ombré tips, the inspiration behind these art pieces, inspire you to simply chill and have fun. Summers in LA are unlike anything you have ever experienced before and if your travels have not taken you there quite yet or even if you are an LA native, please allow your imagination to unravel or take a trip down memory lane a bit.


Imagine the pale pink lit sky cascading through the clouds. And just as the sun begins to go down, the burst of colors released, strikingly memorizes you, causing all of your fears to fade away. Driving down the coast looking up at that same sky in a fresh drop top convertible, you notice that you literally have no care in the world – well at least in that moment anyways. Just like the ME pastel, tie-dye cobra design, you’ll similarly find hues of blue, green, and teal in the beach waves that dance and crash against the coast as your drive. And the breeze blows as if to say put on these sneakers and party until the sun returns.

The beach vibes and good times are at an all time high in the summer. Wearing these sneaks you’ll be ready for where ever your summer takes you. So buy them now because even though the official date of summer is not until June 21st, like Tash says, “Stay ready don’t need no get ready,” & this new ME Classic REEBOK is the epitome of being cultured, sexy and cool. Besides, who wouldn’t want to rock some of the dopest printed couture sneakers that has the nail wraps and iPhone 6 case to match. Now that’s COOL!

Valarie Barnett  & Cris