Pierrier-Jouet champagne was in the back corner, to the left. Some of Los Angeles’ finest premium chocolate from Compartes LA glittered as it was served. An array of beautiful purple orchids adorned the Melrose Avenue concrete sidewalk just before you made your entrance. Fictitiously, embellished orchids crowned one of the three crystallized Mohawk statues that greeted you to the right. I am sure you are wondering where all of this magnificence took place? The one and only Kelly Wearstler flagship boutique in LA.


World-class interior decorator and designer, Kelly Wearstler, always has an eclectic, one-of-a-kind way to welcome a posh brand into her kingdom of style. This time, she introduced her patrons and LA influencers to Regime Des Fleurs.

Co-creators Ezra Woods and Alia Raza exemplified nothing short of abundant pleasantness and enthusiasm as they observed and engaged the potential consumers flirting with the nine fragrances displayed. The array of aromas was mind-blowing.

HOC with Regime Des Fleures

One of the fragrances, Nymphaea Caerulea, wowed us; it was made from rare, hyper-purified extractions of the sacred blue water lily. And another fragrance had real sea shells as its base. Pretty exotic, we know. Our favorite fragrances were: Dove Grey, Bel Époque, and Nightsurf.

If you love to combine fragrances to create your own scent – you should definitely try mixing Bel Epoq and Nightsurf. Bel Epoq is outstanding on its own.

Remember, when selecting a fragrance, please be sure to test the scent to see which aroma melts you away as each person’s body chemistry is unique and the scent will smell differently on everyone.

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Love & Light, Cris