Solange isn’t your average kid sister. While many younger siblings of celebrities often get caught in the shadows, Solange has managed to carve out a creative niche for herself and continues to be the artistic voice of Puma’s new capsule collection, “Wild Wonder.” After the success of her premiere collection with Puma, “Girls of Blaze,” the second collection features the classic Puma Suede and XT2 styles in a bold mix of colors, graphics, materials and natural fabrics.


“It’s been truly amazing! I’ve been able to express so many parts of my artistry that I don’t necessarily get to do as much in my realm. I absolutely love art direction, and being able to do that on so many levels during the scope of this collaboration has been super stimulating” says Solange to Saint

“The PUMA team couldn’t be a more supportive team. Sometimes I conjure up these slightly wild ideas, create a presentation and sweat a little when I hit send but every time they get it and agree to go on these awesome rides with me. One of my ideas was to make a huge turquoise felt box for the models to shoot in, was so stoked they said hell yes to that!”

Image by Rog Walker
Image by Rog Walker

With two masterpiece collections under her belt, Solange is putting the finishing touches on her latest album and continues to be a favorite on red carpets around the globe. She’s shown the world that there isn’t one formula for being beautiful, cool, or stylish. Solange, like all of us, is one of a kind and we can’t wait to see what she creates next.