Miguel is most certainly one of a kind. A man whose passion matches his swag and who creates music that will rock and roll your soul into bliss and ecstasy in 30 seconds or less. Although the Scorpio birthday season has come and gone, Miguel still has plenty to celebrate. And with the release of WAR & LEISURE, looks like Miguel is going to end the year with a musical banger.

A place where wild heARTs run free and inner freedom is championed and romanticized,  Miguel’s latest album throws us right back where we

left off since WILDHEART. It’s a smooth criminal. The writing on this album gets pretty intense and out there. So remember to bring your wild imagination along with your untamable heART as you listen intently to the subject matter of some of these sultry and even racy songs such as “Wolf”.

Check out, three of my favorite tracks (“Criminal” featuring Rick Ross, “Pineapple Skies”, “Come and Chill featuring J. Cole) other than “Skywalker” and sit back and kick back as you allow Miguel to serenade you throughout the entire album.

💜Love & Light☀️,