Miss Rhianna is truly a magnetic force to be reckoned with, especially when she taps into her authentic, Barbadian, island roots when creating music. Nothing proves this more than her latest dancehall record, “Work”, with on and off lover, Drake. The overnight magnanimous hit single off of her latest album, ascents to the 14th Hot 100 leader; achieving the most No. 1s of all-time on the planet, breaking a tie with Michael Jackson. Now that is a bad mamma jamma!


If you want to really grasp just how iconic this is, take a look at the artists below with the most 100 No. 1s according to Billboard in which the 28 year old mega-star compares. It very well could blow your mind as it did ours.

Rihanna’s Peers

20, The Beatles
18, Mariah Carey
14, Rihanna
13, Michael Jackson
12, Madonna
12, The Supremes
11, Whitney Houston
10, Janet Jackson
10, Stevie Wonder

“Work” is the sexiest record out at the moment. The video is a theatrical reincarnation of “Dirty Dancing”, island style, and oh boy, is it tantalizing. Brilliant, authentic and hard  creative work pays off! No pun intended. Check out the video and let us know how sexy and inspired you feel.

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