So we are going to slide right into this week fresh off the plane and wonderful adventure in Tokyo, where we fell in love with Scottish dj and record producer Calvin Harris‘ brilliant collaboration with both Migos and Frank Ocean. No pun intended in the aforementioned, but the track is indeed entitled, “Slide” and the futuristic yet soulful feel good track will have you grooving and slide stepping ALL WEEK LONG. Written by Frank Ocean and Quavo and Offset from the hip hop group, Migos; this track is the lead single on Calvin Harris’ fifth studio album, Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 1. Although it was released on February 23rd 2017, there is no better time than the present to acknowledge a bonafide EDM, R&B with a touch of Hip Hop banger.

I am absolutely loving the result of the intersection of all these musical genres. Music is actually becoming more interesting and don’t let anyone tell you different. Between the enigmatic soulful Frank Ocean, Donald Glover’s relatively newfound Beatles inspired group Migos and of course the EDM heaven selected DJ, Calvin Harris, what is there not to enjoy. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Original version available on SoundCloud only.

💜Love & Light☀️,