This week’s Artist is Ft. Lauderdale bred, Baltimore influenced and one of the most innovative, fresh and independent female MC’s I know. One of the REALEST and one of the ILLEST. A True student of the Hip-Hop culture. And a true undeniable boss, but with a meekness that will crown her forever Queen. Her name is TT The Artist (Tedra Wilson) and not only does she hold no punches with her bars and endless flows, but she also unloads an arsenal of wicked visuals with the her sketch pad and her paintbrush.

A do it yourself type of being, she waits for no one and leaves nothing up to chance when it comes to her craft and bonafide heART. And she ain’t no dummy either. As a graduate of The Maryland Institute College Of Art (MICA) with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and a concentration in Video Art, she has definitely carved out a lane of her own as a multi-media Artist, who knows no bounds and experiences no limitations when it comes to the Art of Creating Art!

Combining the musical genres of Baltimore Club, Miami Base, Hip-Hop and electronic music; it is safe to say that TT creates world music that hits you at your core and makes you want to “COME THROUGH” in your full authentic expression and dance your soul until it heals from the myriad of experiences life undoubtedly brings our way.

TT is such a beautiful example of what happens when you stay true to yourself and where you came from and who shaped you as you give birth to your own undeniable one of a kind legacy. This bright star prides herself on maximizing her agency and individual sovereignty in this DIY age, while teaching other Artists how to do the same while keeping their soul and spirits in tact. Yes, this one is no sell out for fortune and fame as she is too comfortable in the skin she is in.

I LOVE every part about her ferocious movement. So, please check out her latest music video release and join me in saluting a FEARLESS and REAL Artist who is a lovely and enlightened being first and foremost and whose greatness stands on the aforementioned fact all by itself. The video is called DIG and had an exclusive release on on May 9th.

And, oh, one more thing. Like a Chance The Rapper, this Red Bull Music Bass Camp Affiliated “Club Queen”, proves that you can be independent and still make moves as she has joined the ranks and performed at high profile festivals such as SXSW, Coachella, Made In America, Trillelectro alongside her peers Anna Lunoe, Travis Scott, Uzi Vert, Big Sean, Migos, Rae Sremmurd, Kehlani, Chance The Rapper and DRAM. Discovered by Grammy-award Winning DJ & producer; Diplo, who put her on the track, “Dat A Freak”, which J-Lo remixed, it is clear that TT ain’t new to this, but true to this independent music movement thang. And with 3 independent tours under her belt and major love from publications such as VICE, Noisy, Huffington, Buzzfeed, Post Fader, Fact Magazine and Oxygen’s Network digital series in Progress, which features 52 outstanding women and listed on Oxygen’s top 10 female MC list to look for, TT seems to have her credentials locked and loaded and ready to cock if need be.

So Queen TT – my sis, welcome to the heART of Cool Family. You have just been heART of Cool STAMPED.

Keep doing your thing as your light sparks up the world and always stay true to you, stay humble and spreading the knowledge to others.

💜Love & Light☀️,