Well, I have heard so much about Mr.Tiller that I almost feel like I know him. And in my opinion, this is what makes a great artist.

Bryson came to LA with the intentions to do everything he has done. And with a whole lot of work and sacrifice, he has arrived. Mr.Tillers new released single, DON’T, has come in with a force!! His voice is melodic and full of depth. I actually became a fan before I learned his history. As we all know, the R&B love has died down and that has caused a new wave to roll in. However, with guys like TILLER and RO JAMES, the future is looking quite promising.


Tilller truly has a way with words and this is what makes it quite the ride. I remember him clearly saying he is on a whole nother level and that he most definitely is. From his cool and calm delivery all the way down to his peeking gold teeth, this guy has swagg. I, of course, took a look at the video and at that point was totally sold. Tiller shot it right here in good o’l LA, which is always a plus. With LA being the home of most of the world’s talent, it always makes sense to get a bit of that energy, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Signing Off
Tasha Bouè