It’s that time of the year again. One of our favorite times of the year, actually. When people all over the globe are creating their flower crowns, picking up flash tattoos and even scheduling lyft helicopter rides to arrive and embark upon a much needed and beautiful hippified journey called, COACHELLA.



Yes, that’s right Coachella gurls and Coachella boys, the time to become one with the desert and the sun is literally moments out. And you already know WE HAVE THE TICKETS!!! Trust me when I tell you, it’s literally about to go up, down and all the way around, heART of Cool style of course.  From Paradise Pool parties with Interview Magazine and Guns N’ Roses to raving out Compton style with none other than Ice Cube, Tash and I are committed to blowing our own minds with how much exhiliarating fun and ecstasy we are about to have. Why? I’ll tell you why. The why is because life is a Rollercoaster blessing and here at HoC, we believe in the importance of seizing opportunity to create mind blowing moments that inspire us to paint our life journey with all the colors the universe lends to us. We also believe in sharing our blessings with others.


So, yes, we have the tickets so that means we are going to be giving away some tickets too. Make sure to keep checking the website and our IG: @heARTofCool so you can have an opportunity to win a ticket to come kick it with Tash and I at COACHELLA.



💜Love & Light🌞,