Well, this is what I was waiting for and I am sure everyone else in the TV industry was too! ROOTS, aired on the HISTORY channel MONDAY night and the ratings are in. Despite going up against the THUNDER game and Snoops ranting moment on Instagram, the show had a total of 8.5 MILLION VIEWERS.

Now to those who do not understand how this deal went down, please let me explain! The HISTORY channel is the network who got the budget for the re release. And once that was cleared a viewing partnership happened between two other networks, which were LIFETIME AND A&E. So not only could you catch it, but their would be practically no way for you to miss it.


I am here to talk about the numbers, so I will not get into the politics of the show, but it has been an interesting watch to say the least. To those who have not caught it, you may want to double back and try one of the three networks; it will be on for sure!

Now what is most dynamic about the whole deal is that it actually worked! And with data being set up the way it is, you really can learn everything you need to through numbers. Out of 5.3 million viewers, 3.2 million came in from LIFETIME AND A&E.

ROOTS, the chronicles of the life of KUNTA KENTE; an African man who was captured and forced into slavery, is a story that had been told years and years ago, but needed a new voice and platform. I grew up being an ALEX HALEY fan and to see this is what growth is all about. Be sure to check it out if you have not. It truly is an incredible portrait of a dark and dismal, yet true part of our American History.

Signing Off!