WOW WOW WOW are my sentiments about Mr.Usain Bolt!

Usain has always been the ultimate humanitarian, but now he is truly making his mark on the world and the Olympics for his country too. And from the looks of it, it is only the beginning.

Usain has headed back to Jamaica, but not empty handed that is for sure! Upon arrival in Jamaica as the Olympics were winding down, Usain came back with straight cash and delivered it to his former high school. YES, Usain Bolt, becomes the first athlete to make a donation in cash for such a high amount. He gave all of his earnings to the school, which was a total of 20 Million dollars. Usain made it clear that the donation will go to the school’s developement of athletic programs. He also made it known that he will come in and help train and teach the kids as well!


Now tell me that this isn’t the best way to live your life in abundance. The thought process behind a move like this, is always bigger than a publicity stunt and selfish personal interests. and he proved it. The Olympian gave them 20 Million dollars in cash which had to be a lot to handle. I mean 1Million in cash is a hefty amount of paper to receive all at once!

This is truly headlining news and should be celebrated globally. Humanitarian acts are the biggest gestures of LOVE that an individual can share. This formula is what heals and saves lives and the planet. Kudos to Husain for understanding what setting an example and being a part of the future looks like.

Signing Off!