I remember when I was young I realized I possessed a power to do something great and clearly so did Jasmine Twitty! Jasmine is a 25 year old Judge. Yes an official judge in the court of law! Jasmine has officially been sworn in as one of the youngest judges in the history of Easley, South Carolina. Jasmine’s hard work and level of dedication is admirable and has definitely paid off.
 unnamed-2A graduate of the College of Charleston and a member of the Upstate Network of young professionals board, besides serving as a judge she is currently the treasurer of the civil rights organization and member of the Urban League of the Upstate. Her new appointment compliments the amazing work she has already done to promote the development of young adults and professionals. This is by far one of the most exciting things I’ve heard in a while. It shows us that the possibilities are endless and if you want to do it it’s as simple as putting your mind to it. Most importantly it also empowers African Americans  like myself and others to continue to shatter the glass ceiling.
Congratulations Jasmine from Heart of Cool. If you’re in Easley, South Carolina stop in and give her a wave but don’t end up there on purpose!
Signing Off!