Designer Jeremy Scott has done it again! Mr. Scott, who is known for putting a pop culture twist on famous brands, will soon be known for a lot more than throwing wings on Adidas. MTV has commissioned him to redesign the famous Moon Man award statue.  As the world nestles further into the age of digital consumption, MTV felt that it was time for the Moon Man to make the same transition from these obsolete ways of consuming media and television through a complete revamp.
This is a profound move on MTV’s behalf because it gives viewers an opportunity to see yet another physical example of the evolution of content. Of course not all media outlets have a monument like the Moon Man to showcase change but MTV  is a company that has always stood at the forefront of innovation. It is epic to see them not only set the tone for other channels to make similar connections to today’s pop culture but also speak to those who are  consciously aware of these shifts. This Moon Man is an icon of the Video Music Awards which  has always served as a stage for pop culture explosions.
It is impossible to forget how this year’s host Miley Cyrus flipped the world on its head with her “twerking” antics. Speaking to Cyrus’ relationship to the VMAs, it is nothing short of a coincidence that MTV is making these changes given the dynamic chemistry and relationship between her and Scott. Miley has been a muse to the designer for years, and has served as a primary mascot of his high end brand, Moschino. It is no surprise that Jeremy took that same energy and gave the Moon Man the juice! The new statue will rock the infamous winged shoes that Scott designed along with a peace sign to ask fans to foster the idea of unity and understanding. The last time the Moon Man was redone was in 2013 by Brooklyn based artist Kaws, and that version was a rendition of the original created by Manhattan Design. As of late MTV does not have any future plans for remodels but who can  blame them! Jeremy Scott has solidified himself as a carrier of pop culture and that encapsulates the  MTV brand. Be sure to catch the NEW Moon Man  this Sunday, August 30th at 9/8c!
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