Pulsating! Thought provoking! On point!

Kendrick Lemar’s latest release, “Alright’, is  quintessential  contemporary conscious hip-hop.  I can be a tough critic yet I am drawn to the overwhelming display of creativity the music video presents. The  gritty underground hip-hop production that embraces originality while presenting a social narrative surpasses the mainstream hip-hop cloning pandemic is  what captured me the most. Simply stated, this track is more than just all right.

Renowned video director Colin Tilley explains, “Kendrick wants to keep pushing the creative to a whole ‘nother world. Every little detail matters to him”. And it shows.

From the instant you click play, the impressive cinematography, production value, and  storyline is well worth your coveted YouTube time. Once I got past the cleverly constructed introduction, I found “Alright” surprisingly melancholy especially against the hard street-wise socio-political narrative. Still, the gloomy imagery and Kendrick’s unmistakable flow, successfully weaves together poignant political symbolism, special effects and eerily mesmerising beats, including an exciting preview of his forthcoming single.

We understand that music is a journey. Some tunes creep up on you, while others are instant hits. It is clear that “Alright” is by no means commercial, but it is ironically rich in every way. One could safely argue that it merits the early “video of the year” buzz. With over eighteen million views on You Tube, can you point me to a more compelling socially critical piece of hip-hop videography right now?

I’m waiting…

Shamiel Adams, HOC Contributor