“WTF” –  10 Years Later Missy Elliot and Dave Meyers Do It Again!
Director, Dave Meyers and Missy Elliot have joined forces and produced a dynamic, innovative and fun-inspired collaboration with the release of Missy’s homecoming video, “Where They From” (WTF). And you know what they say: “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It”.
Stone cold, fresh, monumental videos such as, “Get Ur Freak On“,  “One Minute Man,” “Gossip Folks,” “Lose Control,”  and “Pass That Dutch“, have all possessed the allure of Meyer’s genius directorial magic wand that seems to turn ALL that he touches into cultural gold.   “WTF” is no different despite the budget having half the budget.
“WTF” is nothing short of a brilliantly creative masterpiece, infused with a beautiful balance of classic and revolutionary energy. The track is undoubtedly infectious and colorful and of course the style is totally swagged out. With Elliot’s fun-filled flows, Pharell’s appearance as a dancing marionette and Hi Hat’s (the choreographer) compelling dance moves, there is no doubt that the video consists of a combustion of innovation, flavor and promise for what is to come from Elliot.
Elliot is the number one trending topic on Twitter a decade since her last album, it is safe to say that the Miss Elliot is officially back on the scene to spark life and divine inspiration in the minds and hearts of the people across the globe. Check out her video and let us know if you agree or nah.
?Love & Light☀️,
Cris & Tash