Rochelle Vincente Von K is ready to take over the world of electronica with her signature sound, “the psychedelic waltz.” The term was coined by one of her producers, Marc Adamo.  Her soon-to-be-released album, “Three Is The New Four” is even a tongue-in-cheek ode to the waltz.

Von K’s trademark sound is romantic and dreamy; it has an ethereal edge that floats from lyric to melody. It brings an umbrella of urges from wanting to dance, feel and just daydream. Her punk background and influences pierce through the music allowing it to become evocative and trance-like. This excites and eagers music fans because they want to see her live performances, so it’s a good thing Von K truly enjoys the performance aspect of music and is looking forward to lining up her shows for 2016.

She leads a clean-living lifestyle, which benefits her music and creative process, so fittingly I met Von K at a health-focused raw food bar in Santa Monica. Immediately, I gravitated toward her warm and gentle presence allowing it to be easy to focus on our chat. Her mellow and laid-back personality shined through, which left me trying to find this inner rocker who has been performing since she was a teenager.

Her music career started out in Australia, but she has always seemed to follow the music. When she discovered that England had the music she was into and wanted to pursue, that’s where she went. She found much success in England touring across the globe to crowds of forty thousand people. When she made the move to Los Angeles a few years ago, it was for more personal reasons than her original calling to follow the music, but now that L.A. is her new adopted home, the music scene is embracing her electronic sound more than ever.

Rochelle Vincent Von KOver the course of our health-conscious meal, I learned a lot about Von K. Not only is she a musician who’s performed all over the world, but she’s Japanese Reiki master, a model, dancer, actress, filmmaker – wait there’s more – she’s even a chocolatier! And a fantastic one at that. She has a number of high-end clients, and she prides herself in taking it thoughtfully and carefully.  Her chocolate, Lover, is filled with antioxidants; in fact, all of the ingredients are superfoods. When people find out that the chocolate that they want to eat is also good for them, I’m pretty sure Von K will have another hit on her hands.  She gave me a few samples of her Lover chocolate so I can vouch that it is delicious.
So whether Von K’s making edible delights in the kitchen or musical hits in the studio, watch out for what this eclectic lady is up to. If you’re not already a fan, introduce yourself to her music and get acquainted with the psychedelic waltz while noshing on her candies. Both will leave you in a happy trance!

Love & Light,
Cris & Tash