A few weeks ago during my unexpected 10 day visit to Miami, I discovered my personal paradise. A place where I organically glowed from the inside-out effortlessly. A place where serendipity flirts with you incessantly and miracles miraculously show up every day. A place where my entire physical life force could authentically reach its highest vibration because the environment in which I found myself in served as a cocoon that enveloped my spirit with 💜LOVE UNCONDITIONAL💛. I get overwhelmed with joy when I sit back and think about how magical the entire experience was and I am truly grateful to share it with the heART of cool community.

It was the first time I went to Miami, Florida and literally had no desire to leave my hotel accept for a rendeveaue or two at the enchanting Italian restaurant, Casa Tuà of course. I mean when you have everything at your finger tips and you are literally treated like the king or queen you are, why would you step out of the time portal of pure joy and bliss which equates to maximal output? 1 Hotel South Beach did such an incredible job with their eco-friendly and sustainable branding that anyone who stays there will not only enjoy themselves immensely, but they will also raise their vibration and frequency.

From the recycled wood from Katrina used in the hotel lobby; to the triple filtered water on the property which cancels out the need for bottle water; to the 7 unique dining venues on property with my favorite being the plant based restaurant (PLNT HOUSE ) outside of the AMAZING state of the art Spartan Gym and the organic/ farm to table restaurant, Beechcraft (chef Tom Colicchio); and oh, we cannot forget Nativ Made, where I got my cold pressed juices everyday as well as, Watr, the plush and sexy rooftop pool and bar 🔥Lituation🔥 either; to the the yoga mat in every room, so you can take the yoga classes they provide and the Soul Cycle on the premises of the property, down to the  hangers hanging in your closet made from recycled map and I cannot forget the Bamford Haybarn Spa, where I boosted my immune system via their hot & cold jade stone massage- THIS HOTEL IS IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE FUTURE & ON A NEW LEVEL☝️.

They are the first brand I have had an interaction with that rises to the challenge of keeping the integrity of who they are and what their brand represents to a T. I mean they even periodically give their employees a paid off day in order to do community service and the food that is left on the property at the end of each day, goes to the homeless community. I had the pleasure of conversing with the VP of Marketing & Sales, at the rooftop bar and he told me that the mission for 1 Hotel is to “DO ALL THE GOOD YOU CAN!” He also shared that a critical aspect to the brand is ensuring that “EVERYTHING HAS A SECOND PURPOSE”. And they definitely commit to that from the sustainable furniture to the work wardrobe people wear. It’s absolutely incredible and inspiring.

The only constructive criticism I could offer, is it would be nice if the pools were salt water pools. However, it is in Miami, one of the most famous spring break and summer vacation destinations, so I am sure they decided to use the chemicals to combat all of the bacteria. Besides, one of the most kindest gentleman stopped me on 3 separate occasions during my stay as I was walking through the pool to go to the Beach Club and asked, “Miss Mills would you like me to clean your glasses,”. WOW, perhaps that was the cherry on top of the icing 🍰!

1 Hotel is more than a luxury escape in Miami, FL; 1 Hotel is an innovative luxury lifestyle movement rooted in innovation and sustainability. 1 Hotel is a movement that challenges other businesses to rise to the challenge of globally branding their entity within the eco-friendly and futurist space. Their goal to DO ALL THE GOOD THEY CAN and ensure that EVERYTHING HAS A SECOND PURPOSE exists beyond the surface levels of the business and is intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of the business model, practices, products and policies.

Often times people and businesses promote one thing, yet do another. However, this time I found an entity that offers an a luxury spiritual experience that not only matches my vibration, but also creates endless alignment and synchronicity marvels. All in all, the entire 1 Hotel South Beach experience completely won me over and made my heart melt. It helped me tune back into my higher frequency in a world that has a common tendency to pull your vibration down, which then causes you to be out of alignment with the higher version of yourself; therefore, disrupting your ability to manifest greatness.

1 Hotel South Beach, JOB WELL DONE! 

❤️Love & Light☀️,