If the election has you so over it – maybe change up your world view to the “ultimate mashup” of biking meets donating food meets scavenger hunting, which is so very cool, yes?  #cool #thankful #grateful

Especially when you discover hidden gems in Manhattan while you ride (and burn some calories while you are at it!). Oh, and did we mention doing good, by donating?  #itsbettertogive


So a bunch of New Yorkers put their love of giving, biking and scavenger hunts together for a combo that even the “crankiest” among us would love.  They bike all over the city, searching for clues and dropping off food as they go.


It’s called Cranksgiving – and this year more than 300 riders showed up.

Food ✅ – we they have it covered, to the tune of 3000 pounds worth.  Yesssssss!  That included a dozen turkeys – for those of us gorging and napping.  Also 600 jars of baby food – for those of us just learning to eat, and also napping! #yougottastartsomewhere


If you happen to be a slow biker, you can casually ride along and take in the sights and sounds.  It’s like the NYC marathon or Bike New York; you can finish when you want.  And if you’ve been hanging out at SoulCycle, well then you might finish in under 45 minutes.  #keepingit?


But that’s still a whole lot of calories.  And a whole lot of fun.

Video—A video of last year’s event can be found here.


Cranksgiving is in over 300 cities now.  So, you don’t have to fly to NYC to experience it (although we New Yorkers definitely appreciate our visitor capital…lol)…don’t know about you, but I’m in an Empire State of Mind, myself…

Love & Light,
Lord Taylor