The Visionary’s Manifesto Presents Mega YouTube personality Adelle Ramcharan author of “How to Make Money on Youtube” “Girl On Fire!!”

Have you ever heard of someone being declared dead three times!!  Well if that sounds ominous you’re going to really enjoy getting to know the amazing woman who survived to tell the tale and has created a path of her very own on the social media sphere.  Adelle Ramcharan is not one of those fly by night personalities that tries to get you to adopt a get rich quick business model, instead she merely stays true to her own brand of personal integrity, character and heartfelt vulnerability.  I was touched by Adelle’s journey and deep sense of self and I came away with a feeling of reaching beyond my own fears and challenges to accept that higher spirit within me that has always allowed for a powerful creativity to overcome one’s inhibitions.  Adelle is a powerhouse in her own right commanding over 7 million views and reinventing herself in the most relevant forms of self-discovery.  Allow yourself an opportunity to not only learn something that could benefit you not only monetarily but will also grow you in the ways that last eternal as she lays herself bare up-close and personal if only to maintain her already established narrative of being brutally honest but with a tenderness and tone that will call to your spirit like a beautiful siren.

HoC Interview

HoC:   What was your motivation for creating a YouTube channel?

AR:  I had been laid off and I had a lot of spare time. I started watching these videos. I’d follow someone on YouTube and watch as they got more and more successful. They’d go off and live in paradise. I saw it happen! And I thought to myself, I can do that too.

I also had a story that I wanted to share. I wanted information to reach people like me who could benefit from what I had learned and I knew YouTube was the best way to reach a lot of people quickly.

HoC:  You went through some very harsh moments during your upbringing and several near-death experiences, can you express to our audience what that experience was like and how you learned to cope?

AR:  Sure, well I was raised in a single parent home which is statistically one of the worst environments for a child to be born into in North America. My mother was abusive, she chain-smoked in the house and had boyfriends in and out. I suffered from severe autoimmune issues and spent a lot of time alone in the hospital, I’ve been clinically dead three times in my life now and even though that was scary, many blessings came from those experiences. But through everything, there was always something there I always had a sense of God with me, I had hope for myself and for my life. I looked at my environment and said this will not be my life when I grow up I looked at my mom’s alcoholic boyfriends and said I will always avoid these kind of men I made promises to myself and kept them I looked up to teachers at school, beautiful, smart women who wore earrings and lipstick they had husbands and families and they did things the right way. I was taken with Princess Diana and I would practice her speech and mannerisms. Can you imagine, this skinny little dark-skinned girl with no father, on welfare, with an out of control afro and coke bottle glasses talking like Princess Di! Same with Oprah, I’d copy her too and pretend I was a teacher or a talk show host. I have always had a passionate curiosity for life and a desire to learn and accomplish and I definitely had my moments where I would be angry at God or blame my parents but I’d always come back to my most important values: Personal accountability and responsibility. I am responsible for my life and the choices I have made. Nobody else. I have a book about my life coming out in the fall. It’s all going to be in there!

HoC:  You have built what some would call an entrepreneurial dream in little over 5 years and garnered over 7 million views what keeps you motivated to keep creating new tools to further your brand?

AR:  Yes, I did it in a relatively short period of time, but I have been unknowingly preparing for this my entire life. I would cut classes in high school to teach myself code. I was making websites and writing blogs back when it was still 1999! I have to keep creating because it’s how the energy I work with in life expresses itself through me. If I don’t create, I get sick and depressed and suicidal. Art, reading and writing saved me as a kid. It’s also how I connect with and meet new people and that in itself is very motivating to me I am fascinated by humans.

HoC:  In one of your more recent videos titled “Do you deserve more?” you offer up some deep introspective insights as to what it takes to develop the mindset of feeling worthy of more.  Can you further explain the intent of creating this very heartfelt video that touched so many people?

AR:  What I was trying to get across in that video was that it’s not about what we think we deserve in life. Feeling like you deserve things sets you up for disappointment and it has a sense of entitlement to it. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks they deserve, an avalanche takes out both a saint and a pedophile. Life is short and mysterious I don’t think the world owes me anything I don’t deserve anything at all and I am glad that I have fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink. I am grateful for what I am given and everything else is up to me. With that attitude, anything is possible and that was what the video was about. I’m glad you liked it!

HoC:  You authored a best-selling e-book titled “How to Make Money on YouTube.”  How has this book helped you to live a lifestyle of financial freedom and furthermore do you still practice the tools therein for making successful YouTube video content?

AR:  The sales of my e-book taught me first hand that passive income is real. It was only a dream for such a long time! I first got into it by reading the blog of a man named Patt Flynn. He would post how much money he made in passive income online every month and it was always in the 100,000’s of dollars. My first thought was, how is this real? After figuring that out, my next thought was, how can I do this for myself?  I can’t describe the feeling of going travelling and spending the day by a waterfall while your bank balance increases by the minute to be sleeping under the stars by a lake and realizing, I’m making money right now.  It has a momentum to it! It feels fucking good. I’ve been an entrepreneur from a young age I just liked making money but I’m not materialistic I don’t care for flashy things or brand name clothes. The happiest I’ve ever been was living in a one room shack in the woods with a desk, a bed and a wood stove! I prefer a pretty simple life but I like the lifestyle and options that come with financial freedom. I also feel like money is a tangible way of understanding how much value you are providing to the world It doesn’t apply in all cases, but it gives you a pretty good idea. I do practice what I teach in that e-book! But not all of it. I’d like to hit 100,000 subscribers this year so I am going to go back to it and pull out all the stops.

HoC:  You have a very soothing and meditative presence in the tone that you express when speaking during your videos, is that a quality that evolved over time or has it always been a part of your personality?

AR:  Thank you I’ve come to find that my voice is a gift! Part of it is inherited. I have a video coming out soon where viewers will be able to hear my mother’s voice from an old recording. We sound almost the same. Like everyone else, it changes based on how excited I am or what I’m talking about but I have basically always been soft spoken I’ve also found that over time,  the tenets of our spirit start to really show through in our physical beings: our eyes, our smiles, our voices. I’ve been told I have a warmth and authenticity to who I am as well as a level of calm about life in general. I think that’s what comes through. Someone once left a comment that said “When I hear your voice I feel like everything will be okay”. That touched my heart.

HoC:  For those of us who have not yet ventured to the beautiful region of Canada can you describe the culture and the relationships that you have formed with the people?

AR:  I do not ever take it for granted having been born and raised in Alberta it is one of my favorite places on earth I could live anywhere but I stay here for the people and for the mountains. The air is clean, the city is clean and it is one of the safest places in the world when you live in a place where you might have to shovel your car out of your driveway in November, you get close with your neighbors. People say hi to each other on the street. Last year when I lived in the Crowsnest Pass (a low mountain pass in the Canadian Rockies), I’d visit my neighbors and we’d hang out on their roof drinking tea and flying drones. I think shared values are important here: working hard, holding doors for people, saying hi and looking out for your neighbor. Having to deal with a month or two of minus 30 every year for your entire life teaches you to be prepared and learn how to just do difficult things. I was also recently in Toronto and I got apologized to by strangers multiple times a day at least ten times a day, If you turn a corner and if someone is standing there at the grocery store, they will say “oh, sorry”.  Growing up, Canada was a classroom of children from all parts of the world pledging their allegiance to the Queen, the Log Driver’s Waltz, spending summers on a cattle ranch, walking to school in the dark in November with snow piled higher than your head, social studies, Kids in the Hall…I don’t notice that I am Canadian until I am somewhere else in the world. Then I notice it, especially when I am in the States. People have said I have a Canadian accent too but, no, I don’t see that. Haha!

HoC:  There are many people who yearn to live life in the free-spirited manner in which you seem to exude as a woman with clear intentions and a high vibrational energy that comes across in subtle tones yet there is such a fire behind your eyes that beckons the viewer to desire to learn more about you.  But what advice can you give our audience about what it takes to forge a path of their own and yet maintain a strong sense of self.

AR:  Well, first learn to do difficult things. One example for me is that I used to have crippling social anxiety If someone said hi to me I didn’t know what to do, It was mortifying and I could never make eye contact but I had to force myself out of it. I started talking to people, consciously making an effort to make eye contact, speaking up, gently confronting people in the moment instead of staying quiet and regretting it.  Secondly, get quiet tune out the noise and distractions many people do not know how to be by themselves. The only unconditional love you will ever have on earth is for yourself no matter what circumstances arise you cannot escape yourself, you cannot fire, divorce or disown yourself so that should be your number one relationship in life It will make you a better person.  We often take in so much information from the outer world: tv, radio, magazines, movies, how much information are you taking in from yourself in comparison? If it’s significantly less than all the other noise, it will show in your life. I’ve kept a journal for the past fifteen years It’s a huge part of how I learned to listen to myself, therapy helped as well. I also don’t keep anyone in my life who is passive aggressive, negative or who can’t celebrate my victories as if it were their own.  In this day and age, finding your true voice and forging your own path starts with peeling away everything that is not you even if it takes a lifetime this is a very worthwhile journey, believe me.

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