The Visionary’s Manifesto in association with Heart Of Cool Presents Chasing Freedom with Georgie B.
By Eric Simms

It seems that we have come across yet another success story in the making with the introduction of Georgie B.  This young African American woman has decided to use the challenges of her life’s journey in a very unique and bold way to empower others by unleashing her vision and chasing her freedom!  She has made the choice to not only exist on this planet of untapped potential and power but like the universe, harness that force for the enlightenment of herself and everyone around her.  Let’s take a moment and walk along the path of both the known and even more so the unfolding of the unknown with this brave young entrepreneur.

HOC:  What is both exhilarating and in some cases frightening about the spirit of entrepreneurship are the beginning stages, that first deep sense of taking charge of one’s own destiny.  Can you tell us what it’s like for a young woman of color to step out and create your own platform?

GB:  I feel truly blessed to be on this journey and that the leaders of the past paved the way for me to have this opportunity.  They built the foundation for me to have this privilege and I do feel that women of color owning their own business or pursuing such a venture should be a normal occurrence.  I don’t look to get any extra praise from what I view should be a part of a persons development as it relates to their personal brand, I want to promote the concept of being a business owner and a leader in the community.  I have surrounded myself with a team of forward thinking people that understand the trends such as entertainment and motivational tools that are happening in our would at this time and together we are conceptualizing on ways to bring about my vision that will touch upon those trends in a progressive fashion.

HOC:  You have a  very real and honest bio, your mother seems to have been a very big influence in your life yet you also stated that there was some struggle involved as you observed her meeting the challenges of creating her own respective business model.  Can you take us to that place of being on the sidelines as a young child and watching your mother deal with the hardships of providing the basic necessities for you and your siblings?

GB:  Yes it was extremely hard, the relocation from our home in Virginia to Atlanta was not the easiest thing to do especially when we didn’t have the most solid of foundations.  But my mother’s purpose in doing so was to better our lives, we went through the struggle of paying the bills but I watched my mother put one foot in front of the other.  She didn’t allow the negative to throw her off track and because of that ambition she has been running a successful business for over five years and my role was to be her cheerleader as she took those necessary risks.  I learned first hand the type of commitment and fortitude it takes to create not only a business but an identity that speaks to who you are as a person, how you want to be perceived in the world.

HOC:  You have given your vision a unique name, “Chasing Freedom with Georgie B.” can you expand on how you came to that specific title and what are your intentions on how to implement from that creative platform?

GB:  That title pretty much came out of nowhere as my business partner and I were sitting at a brainstorming session.  We were questioning our present situation at it related to how we wanted to move ahead and create a movement.  A lot of our peers were dealing with some of the same issues of sacrificing the normal nine to five work schedule in lieu of the idea of creating a business platform and there was an element of liberation and sense of freedom and so we sort of came to that final definition that a lot of us were chasing freedom from financial burdens and the so-called system of what people are expected to do in contrast to working for someone else and furthering their ideas and commercial successes.  We desired  the freedom of living out one’s dreams and charting our own destiny.

HOC:  Where do you see your vision going in the next five years?

GB:  I see seminars, a possible televised event where people of all ages are targeted towards moving forward in their lives in a feel good way.  We all have things that hold us back but the truth is that you can start from anywhere with the proper guidance whether that be from within or from an external force.  I see growth for my platform in an undetermined way in that I want the momentum to allow me to move in a direction that speaks to people at their specific level.

HOC:  Who is the person that is the most important in your life at this time and why?

GB:  I would have to say my business partner Justin Harrell and the reason is that when I first met him he was holding his camera and in a creative space and I saw the fire and passion in his technique.  Justin goes beyond the usual process of capturing a person at the other end of the lens, he sees the person at their highest self and adjusts his minds eye to encapsulate that unique part of their being that my be invisible to others.  My intent was to work with him and mold him into whatever path he was on in regards to his gift but what I didn’t realize was that by opening myself up to serving towards his highest good it would ignite a light within me.  I had never come across someone who affected me in such a way, Justin has become a part of my vision in a deep abiding way.  He is someone who I can trust with honest feedback in regards to the journey ahead.

HOC:  On behalf of The Visionary’s Manifesto and Heart Of Cool I want to thank you Georgie B. for allowing our audience the unique opportunity to learn about your journey and vision as you “chase your freedom.”  Could you take a moment to grace us with your final thoughts?

GB:  I want people to know that fear to me is not an option when you are reaching for success as you define it for yourself.  Move beyond your comfort zone if you want to reach the next level, you can change the path of your life right now by how you perceive the story regarding the rest of your beautiful life.

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