This phrase may seem trite to many, but nonetheless, it sure is true. As an Artist and entrepreneur, I truly do understand how easy it is to sacrifice you health for your ambition, the accumulation of wealth and success (whatever that is for you). However, over the years of working in the Art and lifestyle industries, I have reached an epiphany. And that revelation is that this way of thinking and existing in the world is absolutely insane and heavily outdated!

You see if we are wealthy but not healthy; then my dear friends, we are actually BROKE. Yes, that is correct. I said it. And I’ll say it again: IF WE ARE WEALTHY BUT NOT HEALTHY, WE ARE BROKE & IF I MAY ADD, FOOLISH. Harsh, but nonetheless true once again!

Our material gain in this world is an illusion that can cause great deception and pain if we forget along the journey that WE (our well-being) are the most important assets in this life. I mean what good is it to work feverishly all of our lives ignoring our health just to make some coins. By the time we make the coins, our health is so depleted that we have to spend all that money and time (which is more valuable than money) healing (which is not a guarantee).

Are we not worth more than silver and gold? I mean, really? Have we perhaps forgotten how precious and valuable we actually are? Do we want the physical tangibles of this world so much that we are willing to die for it and leave our kids (not that I have any YET) parent-less earlier than we have to as a result? Have we forgotten our true magnificence and power as last time I checked a man creates wealth and success; not the other way around?

Some of us may think that we have no choice but to work hard, but I then say to us all: WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE! Heck, life is all about choices and we ought to decide to work SMARTER as opposed to harder. We can work hard when we need to but by all means if we are working hard all of the time in 2017, we are doing something wrong that can be corrected no matter what your circumstances may be.

And don’t give me that FREEDOM monologue about how we work for the freedom to do this and that because the reality is we already have our freedom papers. And most of the ones I know that go from rags to riches, spend more money and are broke on a higher level. Or they become obsessed workaholics, equating their worth to accomplishments, financial deals, accolades and being busy all of the time.

Well, I do not want to be busy all of the time. I like to relax and pontificate the meaning of life. Quality over quantity is what I am on. I am convinced that our lives are too valuable to lose as a result of wreck-less eating, lack of sleep, dehydration, forgetting to be still and meditate, refusing to workout, missing precious moments with our loved ones, ignoring the need for balance and allowing stress to overwhelm our bodies due to industry demands or the demands of our friends and family.

In the hundred of years that we have been on this planet, I know we can do better than this and break some of these bad habits. Perhaps it takes more than 40 days as I know bad habits seem impossible to break, but if we can die, I am pretty sure we have the ability to live abundantly too.

Every single day that I have breath, I am going to put my best foot forward to love myself more and do the things, be with the people and in the environments that serve and honor my well-being. And I am going to hold the people in my life that say they love me accountable to such actions.

I ask you to join me. We can take it one step at a time. We can fail tremendously and get back on track together. We can practice a no-judgement policy throughout this entire process, but I reckon we must do something. And even if you all decide otherwise, I will do my best to model true alignment and love unconditional as it is my belief that it leads to happiness and realizing our full potential in this physical form.

So, from now on, before we say yes to anyone, anything and anywhere let’s ask ourselves, “How does this move, serve and honor me” from a well-being perspective? If the negatives outweigh the positives (only you will know that), replace that which does not serve you with that which does. And trust me you will know the difference because when we do not respect ourselves, the body will let you know.

Always remember, YOU, are the gift, blessing and miracle, so honor your life by honoring yourself!


Love & Light,
Cristen M. Mills