Who would have thought that a skin care line existed that truly encompassed love at its core and sustainable economics in plain view? No gimmicks!

With 10,500 different chemicals that exist in an array of personal care products today and only 11% of those chemicals being tested for safety of use, it is refreshing and comforting to know that L’uvalla is here to ensure that supreme wellness can be achieved in the skincare market. Committed to creating products that are 100% all-natural and organically-certified, L’uvalla stands proudly by their mission to produce personal-care products that emanate not only from the values their consumers embody in their lifestyle choices, but also the skin results that their patrons yearn for as well. By carefully crafting products that are “designed to work with your skin’s natural physiology, L’uvalla products support hydration, cell regeneration and collagen production – free of chemicals.” Pretty freaking cool.

Devoid of a background in cosmetics, the owners of L’uvalla, in conjunction with experts in natural and organic laboratories, spent two years searching around the world for a manufacturing plant that could unequivocally meet their rigorous production criteria. They ended up in Cahors, France, where they “discovered nutritious flower extracts, high quality essential fatty acids and therapeutic grade essential oils to deliver optimum results and addictive aromatherapy benefits.”

We swear by their 100% natural, organically-certified and vegan age-defying day/night cream as well as their anti-wrinkle eye/lip cream formulated with argan oil for normal to dry skin.

With L’uvalla, it is nice to know that you are safe from the lure of confusing advertising labels that are intended to mislead you into purchasing something that could actually have hazardous health effects.

Made by the people and for the people with a higher and righteous agenda in mind, L’uvalla’s brand philosophy is an all-time favorite of Heart of Cool.

So …. Love your skin. Love the earth. Love people. Love the animals. And most importantly, love yourself.

L’uvalla products are available at various retailers or online at www.luvalla.com.

SOURCE: http://luvalla.com/brand/convictions

Love & Light, Cris