I love it when a man puts his money where his mouth is.

And Chance The Rapperfrom West Chatham neighbourhood of Chicago, has done that indeed and is in fact the type of man I am honored to speak of. Donating $100K to Chicago Public Schools and making a pledge to donate $900,000 more, when reached he will possibly have achieved the title of the youngest Artist to donate this amount of money ever in life. This is not surprising as most Artists are submerged in uncanny deals that enslave them to their art form as opposed to deals that financially set the shackles loose so that they can live a life of abundance and choice.

It is clear that not only has Chance The Rapper properly campaigned for artists to put in the work and remain independent, winning 3 Grammy’s recently without a record deal, but he also is showing them some of the rewards that staying independent and staying the course reveal. Apparently not only do you keep more money for yourself, you have more money to donate and bless others with as well. Chance The Rapper honors his fans as he says, “I am excited to share that this donation was made possible by my fans.” Forever staying humbled and grounded, Chance never ceases to give props where props is due.

A true King and leader. Someone who not only will donate money to better the lives of the young children in Chicago (as it seems few have stepped up to the plate in this regard), but someone who will also hold even the corporations accountable and call them to make a pledge to help the children in Chicago otherwise known as Chi-Raq, where last year 762 homicides were recorded.  Chance The Rapper says, “The CPS students have spoken and would like corporations to invest in them as we have invested in their businesses.” Talk about a visionary and a young trailblazer that is using his platform to do righteous acts and hold others accountable as opposed to soaking up all of his blessings selfishly.

Chance The Rapper, we salute you and thank God for you! Your authenticity is a rarity and makes us all shine brighter! And on this international women’s day, I salute your mother and grandmother for producing a young brother like you WHO GETS IT!


Love & Light,
Cristen M. Mills