NOW  this is what I call crazy!!

Netflix released the first teaser mini trailer for BRIGHT, the new Netflix original feature, which will soon be released. The film should be quite dynamic with actor Will Smith working with Suicide Squad director David Ayer again. Yes, this should definitely take things up a few notches!! For those who did not see suicide squad, just know that this director brings out all the stumps when it comes to an amazing surreal visual.

Mr. Smith stars  alongside actors Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace. The fantasy action film is the second largest big budget film they have done. Netflix has paid to get the best of the best! Netflix reportedly kicked out $90 million to make this feature film happen. Director Ayer will be shooting from a script he and Chronicle‘s Max Landis co-wrote together.

Netflix released a bit of information on what the story line would be about and this is what was reported! The film is set in an alternate present day, which means we will see some crazy sci-if action where humans, orcs, elves and fairies have been coexisting since the beginning of time!! The action-thriller will follows two cops from very different backgrounds with similar problems.

That was all I was able to gather but for now it is more than enough! Will Smith changed his look for this role, gaining a bit of weight so this will for sure be a Will we haven’t seen in a while and I am excited!!

Netflix has yet to confirm Bright‘s exact launch date, but it is said that it will be on the Netflix streaming service sometime in December!!


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