Well, we all know online retailers have been taking over the retail market for the past few years, either directly or indirectly shopping has taken on a new way of life.

This past holiday season was a test for a few big chains like JC Penny and Macys, both of which will be closing 140 stores. Macys a store most of us grew up on had many complaints about foot traffick dropping tremendously at the their brick and mortar stores in the past 4 years.

Meanwhile, you have a retail favorite like Foot Locker that has closed 51 stores in the last year and they plan on closing 100 more locations this year. However, the crazy part is that Foot Locker had one of best fourth quarters in retail due to the high demand  of the Jordan sneaker!

The good ol’ build of the retail market has been taking place for a few years now. However, with shoppers wanting to do their shopping at their own pace and freedom, it comes as no surprise storefronts are having these problems.

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