I’m sure many of you have experienced a friend inviting you to wake-up at 4:30 AM for an invigorating 6:15 AM yoga class. Exciting and rewarding as that may be, it pales in comparison to the latest workout craze that you simply need to know about. Imagine still being invited to that same 4:30 AM wake-up and then stepping into brand new experience with a pre-dance yoga class at 6:15 AM with Deep House DJ Marques Wyatt spinning on the ones and twos; on a boat as a warm up session for the pre-work rave cruise that starts immediately after the yoga class; with a couple of hundred people ready to dance their souls out before they go to work. Sound like something you’ve experience? Most likely not, but you should!

Allow Tash and I to introduce to you to the movement that is growing slowly, but surely, called the Day Breaker. It was masterminded by a gnarly married couple in NYC, who got tired of missing out on all of the chances to dance the night away because they had to be up early for work the following day. Their solution was why not party in the morning before the clock strikes 6:30 AM and turn up before work, setting up your entire day with bliss, good vibes and electric energy. As social entrepreneurs, it sure made sense to us, so we had to join them of course; and o boy, did we turn up!!!

Daybreaker Yoga

Along with getting a jump-start on the day with an early morning workout, we also met some amazing people that were creative and about their business. Since we were all in a free spirited environment and could relax, let their hair down, be themselves and truly connect. And on top of that, we did not have to worry about being hammered before we started our workday because there was no alcohol served on the party boat. Yes, that is correct. It was a sober fun-filled time with healthy organic snacks, kombucha and groovy tunes.

For the sanctity of having piece of mind, Tash and I passionately recommend that everyone take the time to work on his or her stress levels. As our minds, bodies and spirits are so intimately connected, it’s important that you not only find peace, but also balance. There are several ways of going about achieving this goal, but we definitely advocate trying a little dance and Yoga therapy with Day Breaker.

Just a couple of suggestions: no heels, no makeup, no egos, but do feel free to arrive in your favorite workout outfit, costume onezys or your pajamas of course!

Be on the look out for our  BBC interview coming soon.

– Cris & Tash