I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers being a kid and thinking that skateboarding would always be the coolest form of ground transportation. That was of course until I saw Marty McFly jump on his hoverboard in Back to the Future! Funny how we were given a snapshot of the future, cause fast forward 30 years TODAY and the idea of jumping on a flying board  has actually arrived.

Although we know Lexus to make luxury vehicles they are in the process of taking art and technology to the next level.  Lexus has recently released a cool teaser for their latest invention the SLIDE. It definitely has a ring to it and the look of it is just as cool as the name. With bamboo and carbon design elements implemented to keep its chic appeal, how could you go wrong with this exciting new technology. This item is not yet for sell, but at the point it is, I may just have to be the first in line. Be sure to take a look at the teaser and I’ll keep you updated on this new cool device!

– TB