Today, we celebrate a brilliant lyricist, phenomenal poet and modern day prophet. His name is COMMON and he is nothing like the norm. In fact, he truly is a renaissance man that has been able to grow his career in unimaginable ways with panoramic views of success in not just music, but as an actor and producer and philanthropist as well. From Grammy, Golden Globes and Oscar awards….. Yep, he has already checked that off of the list. And recently starring in blockbuster films such as JOHN WHICK: Chapter 2 with Keanu Reeves (released on February 10th and still in movie theaters today),…… Yep, he is still trailblazing the film world.

So,as a small salute to King Rashid Lynn’s (COMMON’s) born day, check out one of dopest songs, “The Light” off of his classic album, BE, and reminisce with us over a timeless record created by a timeless Artist and an incredible beautiful-hearted human being.

Rash, keep doing your thing as you spark up the world with your light!

Love & Light,
Cristen M. Mills